Leap into your New Normal with Dr. G. Love and Zoë Flowers in Las Tunas, Ecuador!!!

Check out the magickal images captured by Jeri Hilt at our June 2016 retreat.

  1. Do you feel yourself awakening to a fuller expression of your highest Self?

  2. Do you want to expand your awareness as a universal being?

  3. Are you ready to embrace your multi­faceted brilliance and purpose?

We are Cross Cultural Elemental Healers calling forth a gathering of kindred souls that are ready to balance their hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits in service to our collective Global and Universal Conscious Evolution.

We are an eco-spiritual global community of conscious evolutionaries working with cross-cultural indigenous technologies in service to a shared vision of a peacefully evolving Earth, clean waters, healthy land, and liberated souls. We gather in community at energetically potent locations on the Earth and co-create ritual for the safety and well-being of all sentient beings. We gather in community to cultivate our awakening processes and support the rapidly shifting consciousness and energies of PachaMama.

The 5­day retreat/apprenticeship will include collective visioning and dreaming sessions, grief rituals with the ocean and fire elements, the creation of your personal altar of world transformation from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition,walking meditations, and plenty of free time all designed to you assist you with walking bravely into your empowered success. For more information Click http://soulshiftingretreats.com

We welcome participants of all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds who resonate with their power as Global Conscious Evolutionaries.

Register Here for this groundbreaking Equatorial journey into your balanced now!


 Soulshifting Co-Creator Dr. G. Love is an Internationally appreciated Healer and Teacher of Indigenous Technologies and Cross Cultural Shamanism. Dr. G. Love is a Doctor of Naprapathy, Shamana, Reiki Master, Poet, Playwright, a co-­creator of the YouTube video series “Black Witch Chronicles“, and the visionary steward of SoulShifting Retreats. She has an online and in­-person Private practice at Five Directions Wellness and through this practice has been participating in the wellness, awakening, and conscious evolution of her global community since 2003. Dr. G. Love has had the pleasure of speaking, teaching, and sharing ritual with groups in Universities and Colleges, book clubs, community gardens, elementary and high schools, Prizmatic (LGBTQAI) youth groups, Black Lives Matter actions, Indigenous Land Rights communities, EcoSpiritual Environmentalist Actions, Prison Abolition, and many a street level social and spiritual justice strategy session.


Womb Ritual facilitated and captured by Zoe Flowers

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