My Philosophy

Every person has a purpose. We have chosen to serve. How we choose to serve is up to us. Many of us exist in environments that are rife with a crisis mentality. How we deal with this environment is up to us as well. Will you live from a place of bitterness, numbness and fear? Or can you dig deep into your soul and choose renewed joy and enthusiasm? The choice is up to you. This is your life. How will you live it today?


Changing the way you see your world


My mission is to inspire and insight positive social change. We are committed to creating and providing leading edge trainings, conferences and technical assistance. We will accomplish this by staying true to our personal values and operating from a place of integrity and professionalism

The Class

Zoe Flowers stumbled into the non-profit work after fleeing an abusive relationship in her late twenties that forced her to leave her state, friends, and family. She has lived in four states and worked at all levels of non-profit work. In this class, she will share what she has learned as a woman of color, after 20 years in the non-profit arena.

Let’s Get Into It!