From the moment I was exposed to the life force energy of Reiki – I was changed! I knew that I would practice it for the rest of my life!!! What I didn’t know was that I was going to be training other would be Reiki practitioners or doing treatments across the US and internationally but here I am doing just that!

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom”, and Ki, which is “life force energy”. So, to me Reiki means, ” God’s life force energy.” Below, are the Reiki treatments I provide.

  • Reiki Healing Session  This “laying on of hands” treatment stimulates your “life force energy” to help you relax, de-stress and get focused!

  • Reiki Practitioner Training 1 At this level, you will be permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki energy. We’ll discuss the history of Reik, hand placements and techniques for healing the yourself and others. Discounted if combined with Reiki 2!!!

  • Reiki Practitioner Training 2  You must have a Reiki level 1 attunement for this training. Level 2 will provide you with increased Reiki energy and has the greatest effect on your Aura. You’ll learn about distance healing, power symbols and more!

  • Reiki Practioner Training 3 (Reiki Master) At this level, the initiate will be able to teach and pass Reiki attunements on to others.

  • What happens in a Reiki Session?

    My Reiki sessions start with a brief consultation. During the consultation I will give you an overview of how I work, discuss any previous energy/body work you may have had in the past and answer questions that may come up about Reiki. We will also discuss current or past health concerns you may be experiencing. Once this is complete, you will be placed on the Reiki table. Reiki can be done through direct and indirect contact with the body. Meaning, a practioner places their hands on different pressure points on the body (again, much like acupuncture) or our hands hover just above the body. Whether you wish to be touched or not is completely up to you. I will speak with you before the session about whether you wish to have direct contact or not. Sensitive parts of the body are never touched during the Reiki treatment.

    What to bring to your Reiki Session?

    I recommend that you bring paper and something to write with. I often give suggestions during the consultation and you may want to capture them on paper. You also want to dress as comfortable as possible. You will be clothes during the session so you want something you feel relaxed in.

    What can I expect to feel during the session?

    People experience a wide range of emotions while on the table. I have had clients fall into a deep sleep immediately, while others take a bit longer to drift off, some people laugh others have emotional releases. Many of my clients and students report a deep sense of relaxation while being keenly aware of everything that is going on around them. It really depends on the person and there is no “wrong” response while one is on the table.

    What can I expect to feel after the session?

    Like the treatment itself, people have many different reactions. Some folks feel a sense of clarity; some have increased energy and are raring to go, while others feel they need a little nap. Again, it depends on the person. I always give people plenty of time to rest on the table and recommend that they drink plenty of water.

    Since receiving my first Reiki treatment and “attunement” (The process by which one becomes a Reiki Practioner) I have had the honor of partnering with numerous powerful teachers and have a group of students that I mentor on a regular basis. My life has been turned upside down- in the most beautiful way imaginable and I am excited to join you on your healing journey!




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