Keynote The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence 19th Annual Conference!

Racial Justice Is Healing Justice Major content areas: Historical and internalized oppression, domestic/sexual violence, and the arts as method for healing. Intended Audience: • Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Survivors and Advocates • Community Educators/Organizers • College Students • College Faculty • Religious Leaders • Community Members

Jane Doe Inc.-Conference

Breathing Space: Supporting Healthy Advocacy After 20 years in the domestic violence movement, Zoe flowers knows first-hand about the toll our work can have on our bodies, minds and spirits (Especially those of us with histories of trauma). And the current climate has exacerbated the stress many of us have overlooked for years. Advocates, and […]

Jane Doe Inc.-Conference

Shaking the Table: Supporting Equitable Service Provision This training will provide program leaders with a deeper dive into inequitable service provision and how it shows up in programs, negatively impacts all staff, and interrupts safety and security for survivors of color and other marginalized communities. Participants will also be provided with culturally relevant approaches and […]

United States Army Training-Germany

This dynamic workshop will lead participants through a collaborative process of naming organizational patterns of white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and xenophobia and enabling cultures of wellness, belonging and organizational growth and transformation. This training will provide leaders with a deeper dive into the ways in which inequitable service provision shows up in programs, negatively impacts all […]