Wise Womyn Essential Oil Elixirs, Butters and Misters


Wise Womyn Elixirs are Reiki infused and come in 5 combinations!


Attractors (A)- Assist with attracting a desired outcome

Directors (D)-Works with the will of the user to elicit desired outcomes

Healers (H)-Promotes healing a person, place or situation

Protectors (P)-Assists with protecting user from disharmonic energies

Purifiers (PR)– Cleanses and neutralizers disharmonic energies


Essential Oil Chakra Balancers

Solar Plexus


Wise Womyn Blends

Dirty Sexy Money – Sacral (A) (P) (PR) (H) (D): Assists with dispelling negativity, protection and attracting love, sex and money

I Manifest – Solar Plexus (A) (H): Promotes self confidence, and balances the masculine and feminine energies within the user to assist with attracting and manifesting goals 

Open ur Heart – Heart (A) (P) (PR) (H) (D): Assists with loosening inhibitions, promoting self confidence, forgiveness and a renewed belief in love

Temple – Crown (D): Assists with amplifying the will, determination and power of the user

Happy Joints (H) This is a straight up healer to loosen up those joints and sore muscles! Put it on before bed and sleep like a baby! 

Be With Me Darlin’ (A) (P) (PR) (H): Assists with keeping love alive, encourages healing and wisdom in relationships

Foot Butters

Feet (H) This silky smooth butter loosens up tight feet by reducing inflammation!

Aromatherapy Misters

Anointed  (P) (PR): Can be applied to the body, or sprayed in the air to promote harmony and a feeling of tranquility


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