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“Reincarnated in the poems of our daughters we are Phoenix.”

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Zoë Flowers heals with her hands and words.

Zoë Flowers is an author, filmmaker and social justice healer whose poetry and essays can be found in several anthologies, journals, and her new poetry book In Praise of The Wytch. In 2004, Zoë interviewed survivors of domestic and sexual violence. From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood is the book that emerged from those interviews.

In 2012, Zoë launched Soul Requirements, Inc. a healing centered consulting company that combines her artistic endeavors, 20 years of domestic/sexual violence expertise and holistic healing practices.

As an Educator, she’s appeared in numerous articles and online publications, appeared on National Public Radio, and spoken at over 200 conferences on issues  related to ritual healing, the arts, and gender-based violence.

As a Healer, she facilitates individual and group healing sessions, retreats, and workshops from New York to Ecuador.

As a Content Creator,  Zoë creates films, theatrical productions, and books that invite audiences to explore social issues, healing, and spirituality in non-confrontational spaces.  Her work has been presented at Yale University, Smith College, and Brown University as well as numerous conferences, theaters, and community-based organizations.

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Working with Zoe Flowers was an amazing experience. She goes right to the core and has insight like I’ve never seen before. I felt very safe and comfortable. She helped provide me with realistic tools and strategies that enable me to work on my own healing. She taught me how to visualize my dreams as I work towards them.

Zoë seamlessly brings each participants’ whole person to the table, which deepens and enriches the learning. I want to be Zoë Flowers when I grow up.

Zoë’s shared her experience and knowledge at Brown, Smith, Yale andBowie State. I highly recommend inviting her to your campus ASAP.

ASHES is a good tool for young girls. It could show them signs of what to look for in a relationship and what to do if and when those signs appear. Young men can learn how to treat women. We can all walk away from this show either learning something we need to do or feeling good about a decision you have made in your life. Bravo to Zoe Flowers, her cast and crew.

I just wanted to let you know how powerful and moving the performance of Ashes was. I was deeply impressed by the  humor, movement, music and song.

Zoe must dine with the Divine Beings for breakfast, lunch and dinner because her accuracy is sickening! I’ve gone to numerous other readers and no one has come close to Zoe’s sharpness. After my first reading with her I implemented everything she mentioned and my mind was blown by the adjusts and upgrades in my life. To be honest, I find things g to go back to ask her and talk about just so my mind can be blown again by her amazing gift! #TheBomb

You are such a captivating person to listen to! I just attended your virtual presentation and I loved every minute. I texted my colleague, “where the last presentation had too much ‘same-old’ information, this one has too much great info!” Thank you for taking the time to talk with our group!

I learn from Zoë ‘s culturally responsive healing approach each time I see her work.

Hi Zoe! I wanted to thank you for your presentation at the Kansas Crime Victim’s Conference this last week. You were by far the BEST presentation I was involved in and your story and essence was powerful! Thanks for being you!